ZX1 Data Logger for Zone

The Zone ZX1 Data Logger was developed around re-purposing Apple iPhones that still had plenty of life but were now out of date as the latest mobile phone. By installing the Zone application and placing in the ZX1 housing the device now provided Speed, Timer, Distance, Lap, Stopwatch for for sports the likes of cycling, Blokarting and land yachting where you have limited reference. External buttons were dedicated to assist in these functions while been active.

The ZX1 Unit came with a range of mounts that allowed it to be mounts onto different size bars. These are cabled tied permanently on while the main unit could be unclipped for storage or safe keeping. The unit could be unclipped to allow the phone to be removed if required.

ZX1 cover protected the phone from knocks during use but still gave easy access to the touch screen and buttons.