A wealth of experience in understanding your company’s global product strategies and furthering product success.
DESIGNsense is an accomplished design company with strong design management skills and specialist experience in the Industrial Design and Product Development field.

Design Strategy

Using Design as a strategic tool is one of DESIGNsense strong attributes. Involvement is often at a high level of company strategic vision setting and how that manifests into product road maps and related product support and services.

Ideation & Design

DESIGNsense has the experience in taking these new product ideas through to reality maintaining original intent and developing a well considered manufacturing package.


With extensive manufacturing contacts in New Zealand and Asia we are able to assist with set up of manufacture and understand the different design requirements for each environment.



DESIGNsense also has associations with developers that can extend services in product development including fields such as Electronic Hardware, Software and Web associated Development.
We also have the links with manufacturers in New Zealand and globally through Asia offering a range of manufacturing opportunities.