TA2773 Radio Link Module
for Tait Electronics

The Tait TA2773 Radio Link Module was developed for Kiwi Rail to be the new Duplex radio for the train fleet communication. It was developed to fit in a new range of locomotives as well as being able to be retro fitted to the current range of locomotives. The design included a cradle system to allow units to be swapped out for servicing as a locomotive is not able to run without the radio link. The cradle design had a quick release system with all the cabling at one end to assist in the changeover but was sturdy enough to take high G-Loadings.

The Unit held two standard Tait radios with a linking interface board allowing the Duplex system to function. This allows you to send and receive data at the same time and talk like on a phone link rather than simplex where you can only send or receive speech at a time. This unit linked through to the Head Unit on the control panel. A compact design to allow mounting in tight areas with a quick release cradle for interchange and serviceability in the field.