GT Mouse for Swiftpoint

Released in 2015 the Gesture Tip Mouse developed for Swiftpoint with DESIGNsense was the World’s first Mouse with Natural Touch Gestures. Swiftpoint Won Two Innovation Awards at CES 2015 with the GT Mouse.

It can be a traditional mouse as well as a swipe navigation device. It’s small, lightweight and ultra-ergonomic. It has a battery that charges in minutes and lasts for days. Consumers and professionals that move between touchscreen mobile devices and traditional keyboard / mouse GUI environments will likely find the Swiftpoint solution a welcome essential daily item in their computing kit.

Swiftpoint GT offers the best of both worlds. Its patented “Gesture Technology” promises to take productivity to a new level.
Touchscreen devices may be extremely cool and perhaps even ideal for consuming media content. But they tend to fall short for creating and editing content.