Arataki Network Media Controller for Plinius

Arataki is a DLNA compatible mobile media controller developed to work on a tablet platform with the first release on the iPad having the biggest market share of digital music users. It is the key product in a PLINIUS system that has solved the problem of getting this group of customers to engage with digital music files in ways that are simple, intuitive to use, attractive and connected to the PLINIUS product styling and imagery. Reduced menu structures and the use of ‘flick’ gestures and ‘pinch’ to gather groups of tracks or albums, and ‘drag and drop’ to move files from images of the storage area to the ‘playing’ device all support PLINIUS’ brand of simplicity and ease of use

The design of the GUI was reflective of the physical Plinius units with a digital edge. The UI was developed to make it very easy for the user to manage their music and to be able to access NAS drives with ease. A number of visual skins were developed so the user could match to the finish of their Plinius units.