Annerversary Series Amplifier and CD Player for Plinius

To Celebrate 30 years of the Plinius brand, DESIGNsense helped to develop a limited edition Anniversary Set of products. The Set was based on one of Plinius most popular range but with the latest updates to the platform and new interface. The Set was produced in a unique Titanium Blue Colour using special organic dyes in the anodising with the Chassis in a classic flat black reflecting back to the Plinius history but with blue screening linking to the current range. The construction of the outer wrap was specially designed for the Anniversary model outlining the significance of the 30 years of the Plinius Brand in its strong and sophisticated appearance.

The Anniversary Series was a limited edition series which carried a special unique number on each unit. They differed to standard units with full linished body panels and matt black chassis with plinius blue screen print.