Turbofan Oven Range for Moffat

The New Turbofan Convection Oven Range was a ground up development encompassing a new construction approach and user interface for ease of use, increased application and future-proof durability. The new design language of the range combines the clean glass appearance while retaining the stainless steel finish for the commercial durability. The range utilised strong stainless steel columns that link all the units together through the range.

The range covers drop and side opening doors depending on model and baking requirements. A range of analogue and digital controls were developed to cover the different markets and price point deliveries of the Turbofan Oven.

A strong Design Identity was developed for the new Turbofan range which carried through all the Turbofan products and gave it a distinct look in the kitchen.

On the Digital Control models a design language was developed for all the Displays, Icons and Buttons to run across the Turbofan range.

The Turbofan Range was not only designed in a range of configurations and oven sizes but in a number of range accessory products such as Proovers, Oven Cook-tops and and a range of tray shelving.

The clean look of the black glass and stainless steel was well received in the market place.