Rotel VLT Range for Moffat

The Rotel VLT Bakery Oven was designed to be more energy efficient and faster with its rotating oven chamber. The Oven was designed in single or double banks with a range of different oven size configuration in each bank. It also utilised new touch screen technology that gave more control to each of the oven chambers. There was a ground up development of a new UI for the controller with new additions like being able to pre-load all the different recipes, bake time and oven settings making the baking process simpler for the operator.

The Rotel Ovens were designed in Single or Double formats as well as a range of oven sizes to meet the requirements of different bakery’s.

The Rotal Controller UI was developed to work in both Landscape and Portrait mode to allow for the single or double oven configurations. It was made user friendly for the bakery industry and allowed for new features like programmable recipes and profiles for baking.