Automatic Fraction Collector for IZON

The AFC is the first instrument developed specifically for the isolation and purification of EVs, using Izon’s qEV columns. Historically, users collected fractions manually, for one sample at a time, in a time-consuming and error-prone operation. The AFC automates this process, allowing the user to run multiple samples in parallel and ensuring that each fraction is uniform. This ensures a higher level of repeatability and reproducibility across users and experiments, improving the comparability of scientific studies.

Interchangeable column holders were also integrated into the design so 4 different sizes of columns can be used allowing for an expansion in the future. RFID for column tracking and nm size identification was also incorporated collecting data for the user.

The use of a touch screen angled at the front of the product for ease of use makes the AFC a highly customizable and sure to meet tomorrow’s diverse experimental requirements. It offers a variety of collection options and is designed to work with eight different qEV columns, allowing the instrument to be integrated into any laboratory workflow. With smart RFID-tagged columns and step-by-step instructions on a user-friendly touchscreen, the custom developed UI/GUI allows the AFC to be operated by scientists of any experience level.