Exoid for IZON

The Exoid is the next generation of TRPS device. It takes the fundamentals of the Izons qNano technology and makes the user experience taking TRPS measurement easier than ever before. Used in over 45 countries, TRPS instruments are a key requirement for analysing nanoparticles scientifically and correctly.

The Exoid, allows the user to measure size, concentration, and charge/zeta potential on a particle-by-particle basis. Compared with traditional light-based techniques, TRPS can measure multimodal samples with incredibly high resolution and precision. This is a crucial step forward when working with naturally heterogeneous biological samples.

Exoid newly developed automatic pressure system allows complex measurements to be made quickly and more accurately. With high repeatability it allowed Izon to develop a patented 3D plot system for particle concentration, diameter and Zeta Potential.

Making a statement of the significance of this technology, clients brief required a futuristic look while still portraying science equipment carrying on from the previous successful AFC product which was achieved with its strong identity of shape. The clever use of materials was key as the product needed to have weight for stability and reduction of vibration. The main aluminium housing achieved this while also helping to create an RF cage to prevent interference into the sensitive electronics.

The challenge for Exoid was to take the qNano TRPS technology and automate the nanopore stretching system so it could be digitally controlled enabling repeatable accurate testing as well as encompassing pressure and vacuum pumps in a device that makes a statement about the futuristic analysis that it preforms.