Contour+2 POV Camera for Contour

The Contour +2 is packed with technology that allows HDMI streaming as well as being powered by the USB port. It also utilises the smart phone as its Viewfinder through its bluetooth link.
Its strong Dark Grey anodised finish on the main tube distinguishes it from the + camera but it has many of GPS Camera features including GPS.
The styling has cleaner lines with a flush lens front to prevent snow collection during shooting. With its external Mic option the Contour Plus is ready for any professional shoot. Professional storytelling demands the right tools and technology and the Contour Plus was developed specifically for that with its 170 wide-angle lens and 270 lens rotation.Bluetooth and the connect view SIMM card.

BlueTooth could be quickly activated on the top of the camera flashing blue when linked. The Plus 2 also had the quick slide on and activate button on top that was lockable to prevent activation during transport. Plus 2 camera had a rear opening door that gave assess to battery, exchangeable SD memory card and other setting switches for quick changes.

Contour+2 incorporated Video over BlueTooth to your cell phone allowing you to setup your shot or settings.